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Don't Search, BeeFound    

We're pleased to announce that BeeFound is being funded by WellSouth Primary Health Network for your practice to use - for free! 

How BeeFound works? 

It's an online platform will let you search for and book GP, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse locums. You can perform limitless searches for as many locum bookings as you need without occurring any additional costs. 

  • GP and Nurse Locums register their work availability in the BeeFound online database 
  • You search in the BeeFound calendar based on your specific needs - from just one session on a particular day or multiple sessions across days, weeks, or even months. 
  • Once you've submitted your requirements, BeeFound searches across all available locums to give you the cover you need
  • You book the locum online, there and then. Job Done! 

How can you help make BeeFound work for your Practice and your Community? 

  • Invite Locums that you've worked with in the past to sign up on the BeeFound website today!
  • Let your Practice Team know that BeeFound is on it's way - point them to the website so they can understand the benefits of using BeeFound.


To sign up visit BeeFound or contact the WellSouth Practice Network Team for more information