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Covid Care in the Community

This information is for practices to use to help support their patients who are COVID-19 positive.


Southern Covid in the Community Coordinators

Some of the functions that the Hub cover include:

  • Ensuring unenrolled patients receive clinical care

  • Pulse Oximeter management/requests.

    The Dunedin Immunisation Centre is the collection site for Pulse Oximeters in Dunedin.

  • Manaaki support for Māori and Pacific whānau


Contact details for the COVID Care in the Community Coordinators and Digital team - 


Phone: 0800 477 116

IT Help:


WellSouth's Māori and Pacific Hub Staff


Southern Integrated Covid Community Care Pathway and the Role of General Practice

General Practice is an important component of the Southern health system’s response to providing care for Covid-19 positive patients. Other key parts of the response include hospital services, Public Health South, St John, Māori health providers, Pacific health providers, and community agencies.

Primary Care is responsible for monitoring and care of Covid-19 patients who are well enough to be managed in the community. Monitoring includes:

  • Clinical management of Covid-19 including antiviral treatment and psychological wellbeing

  • If your patient or any of their whānau may have any welfare needs, they should contact MSD on 0800 559 009


 Border Clinical Management System

 Access to the Border Clinical Management System (BCMS) is managed by the Ministry of Health. 
WellSouth will assist with setting this up for you by gathering the required clinician information and sending it to the Ministry for account creation that evening.  Your access should be confirmed and available by the following day.

We are requesting that all clinicians who still do not have access to BCMS fill out the online form attached here. Information collected from this form will be processed by the Ministry. 

Guide to accessing BCMS

Clinicians should receive confirmation from the coordination team at WellSouth that an account has been created, as well as information relevant to logging in.

Further information on how to use this system can be found within this webinar recording and a step-by-step guide.

BCMS webinar recording (02 Dec 2021)  

BCMS Southern general Practice Guide Version 3.0

CCCM Quick Reference Guide

CCCM Full Training Guide


Useful Links

Below is useful information associated with Covid in the Community, including pulse oximeters, workflows, and funding.

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