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Covid Care in the Community

Covid Care in the Community – The Manual

Welcome to the CitC manual, where we compile information for primary health providers detailing how to support people who test positive for Covid-19 in the Otago-Southland region.

The emphasis is on providing safe and appropriate care to our communities as people self-isolate during their Covid-19 infection. The elements within this manual will be updated as required, as this is a new and evolving space for us all.

Structure of this manual is:

  • Overview of how care will be provided in the Otago-Southland region.
  • Answers to common questions that might come up when you are providing clinical care.
  • Patient information/resources patients receive and other patient information links
  • Funding information
  • Other resources, including technical and IT information.


Please note these resources will be updated as more information becomes available.


Meet the Team

WellSouth's Covid in the Community Team

WellSouth's Māori and Pacific Hub Staff


Covid Care In the Community Care Pathway Overview

BCMS - Border Clinical Management System

Covid Care in the Community - Useful Links

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Māori and Pacific Pathway

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Long Covid

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