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CLIC Resources for General Practice

The Client-Led Integrated Care programme is for people with long term conditions and aims to support them to manage their health conditions.

CLIC in 8 minutes: The programme explained (click here to view)

CLIC in 8 minutes: powerpoint (click here to view)

Health Navigator (click here to view)

The following six sections contain short recordings on all sorts of things CLIC, from explaining comprehensive health assessments and care plans to the process of starting CLIC and the value CLIC champions.

The recordings are informative and short, aiming to answer key questions. They are presented in an informal style with team leads and knowledgeable people chatting with Dot Brown, CLIC project manager. The recordings are between 6 and 25 minutes.


Team Leads explain (click here to view)

  • Acute Plans

  • Advance Care Plans

  • CLIC Funding: How it works

  • Partner in health scale 

  • Practice-based pharmacist

  • Quick CLIC

  • The role of a Health Improvement Practitioner

  • The role of a Health Coach

  • Type 2 diabetes: Two types of new medications


A patient talks about his experience on the CLIC programme (click here to view)

  • A patient's view of CLIC


Touchpoints: Roles and perspectives of various health professionals and CLIC (click here to view)  

  • Business Manager

  • Community Support Worker 

  • Health Coach 1

  • Health Coach 2

  • Registered Nurse 1

  • Registered Nurses 2


How to complete sections of CLIC (click here to view)

  • Acute Plans

  • Advance Care Plans

  • CLIC Champions 

  • Comprehensive Health Assessments: Hints for completing 

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment: Full length role modelling

  • Health Navigator 

  • Mental Health scores: PHQ2 and 9 

  • Multi-Disciplinary Teams

  • Partners in Health Scale 

  • Personalised Care Plans and goal setting

  • Personalised Care Plan: Hints for completing

  • Phone and virtual consults

  • Quick CLIC

  • Starting CLIC

  • Translating learnings to actions: Ideas for starting and maintaining an effective CLIC Programme 


Consider referring patients to these services (click here to view)  

  • Dietetics

  • Falls and Fracture Prevention Team

  • Green Prescription 

  • Office-based Pharmacist 

  • Practice-based Pharmacist 


Webinars (click here to view)

  • CLIC Webinar One - Tuesday 9th March 2021  Introduction to CLIC

  • CLIC Webinar Two - Tuesday 23 March 2021 Background to CLIC

  • CLIC Webinar Three - Tuesday 20 April 2021 Hints for completing Comprehensive Health Assessments 

  • CLIC Webinar Four - Tuesday 4 May 2021 Advance Care Plans 

  • CLIC Webinar Four - Tuesday 4 May 2021 Acute Plans

  • CLIC Webinar Five - Tuesday 18 May 2021 Multi-Disciplinary Teams



Quick CLIC and CLIC Programme Information Sheet

CLIC Brochure for Patients (hardcopies available, Please email Practice Network Team for orders)

Partners in Health Scale