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Consider referring to these Services


These short recordings highlight a variety of services that may be of benefit for patients on the CLIC programme. Health professionals who are involved in services such as Green Prescriptions, Falls and Fractures, Dieticians and Continence services explain how their service works, how to access them and what kind of information is needed.


Dietetics (click here to view)

8 Minutes

The dietetics service provides facilitates groups such as Healthy Lifestyles, DEMOND and Walking Away as well as face-to-face and virtual consultations. Alice Talmage (Community Dietician) explains which can benefit from the dietetic service and how they can be supported.


Falls and Fracture Prevention Team (click here to view)

Duration: 7 Minutes

This criteria for referring to the Falls and Fracture Programme are currently under review.

Lisa Wallbutton (Falls and Fracture Prevention Coordinator) in the Falls and Fracture Prevention Team explains how the service works and which patients would most benefit. She mentions about the Community Strength and Balance Classes referring to  to find out where these classes are held and as a useful resource.


Green prescription (click here to view)

Duration: 13 minutes

Green Prescription and Active Families are free behaviour change intervention programmes. A referral can be made by a registered health professional or a patient can complete a self-referral. Staff provide free individual or whānau focused support to enhance physical, mental, and social wellbeing through physical activity and healthy eating support. A patient who has identified physical activity as a goal in the CLIC process and is medically stable can be referred to these services and will be supported for up to 12 months.

For further information on programme specifics in your region contact:
Sport Otago (03) 474 6350 ; ;

Active Southland (03) 211 2253 ;


Office-based Pharmacist (click here to view)

Duration: 9 minutes 

WellSouth pharmacist, Kate Farmer, explains how the office-based pharmacy services works in primary care. She covers referrals, virtual consultations

and education. CLIC provides a unique opportunity in primary care to review medication for this group of patients.


Practice-based Pharmacist (click here to view)

 Duration: 10 minutes 

Pharmacist Angela Renall (Clinical Pharmacist Prescriber and Team Lead for Clinical Pharmacy at WellSouth) explains her role and how she works

with CLIC level 3 patients in a practice, particularly with MDTs. She also covers how WellSouth can support practices to use pharmacy reviews

with CLIC patients and MDTs.