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Team Leads explain


Acute Plans (click here to view)

Duration: 14 minutes

Viv Williams (Care Planning Coordinator, WellSouth) explains about acute plans: how they work, who does what and adds handy hints

to complete. She illustrates this using a test patient on Health One.


Advance Care Plans (click here to view)

Duration: 16 minutes

Viv Williams (Care Planning Coordinator, WellSouth) explains how advance care plans work and who does what, with

handy hints to complete. She goes through the advance care plan form using a test patient on Health One


 CLIC Funding: How it works (click here to view)

12 Minutes

Katrina Braxton (Clinical Services Manager) explains how CLIC funding works. She covers allocations,

payments to practices and provides some helpful suggestions about how these payments can be used. 

She also discusses payments for Quick CLIC.


Health Improvement Practitioner: The Role of a Health Improvement Practitioner in supporting the CLIC Programme (click here to view)

 20 Minutes

Jodie Black (Clinical Services Manager of the Access and Choice

programme) explains the role of Health Improvement Practitioners

(HIPS) in General Practice expanding on how they can support the CLIC programme.

She talks about the scope of a HIP and the value they bring

the team as a  behavioural health experts.


Health Coaches: The role of health coaches in supporting the CLIC programme (click here to view)

15 Minutes

Health coaches get alongside patients to make lifestyle changes, keep themselves

well, and discuss actioning goals. Jodie Black (Clinical Services Manager of the

Access and Choice programme) clarifies the role of Health Coach and discusses

which group of patients on the CLIC programme would most benefit.


Partners in Health Scale (click here to view)

Duration: 14 minutes 

Using the Partners in Health scale as part of the CLIC programme gives a special opportunity for the patient to think

through and better understand their own health. It is also a useful platform for discussion between the nurse and patient

throughout the CHA and also for talking about goals. Katrina Braxton (RN and Clinical Services Manager) takes us through

why the scale is a component of CLIC, and how and when it is best used.


Practice-based Pharmacist (click here to view)

 Duration: 10 minutes 

Pharmacist Angela Renall (Clinical Pharmacist Prescriber and Team Lead for Clinical Pharmacy at WellSouth)

explains her role and how she works with CLIC level 3 patients in a practice, particularly with MDTs.

She also covers how WellSouth can support practices to use pharmacy reviews

with CLIC patients and MDTs.


Quick CLIC (click here to view)

Duration: 17 Minutes

Katrina Braxton (RN and Clinical Services Manager) was part of the team that developed CLIC and Quick CLIC.

In this recording, she explains what Quick CLIC is, how it works, which patients are suitable and

provides some relevant scenarios.


Type 2 diabetes: Two types of new medications (click here to view)

Duration: 32 Minutes

Tonya Cockcroft (Clinical Pharmacist Prescriber at WellSouth) provides an outline of

diabetes management including a review of the use of empagliflozin and dulaglutide.