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Touchpoints: Roles and perspectives of various health professionals and CLIC


Health professionals describe their perspectives of CLIC often including handy hints and the value CLIC can be for patients and practices.


Business Manager (click here to view)

Duration: 14 Minutes 

A chat with Rhonda Reid (Business Manager) covers the early days when CLIC was trialled in the practice four years ago and the

journey since then. It includes finding out what worked and what didn't, and how to find a way through the challenges.

The programme is nurse-led but has contributions from enthusiastic team members.


Community Support Worker (click here to view)

Duration: 11 Minutes

Donna Bottle has over 20 years’ experience as a Community Support Worker. She shares her wide-ranging practical

knowledge of working with patients and connecting them with what community help is available.


Health Coach 1 (click here to view)

Duration: 8 minutes

Health coaches can play a key role for patients on the CLIC programme. This informal conversation with a health coach

explores the role as well as touching on the value to the patient and practice. This recording is one example in

which a specific practice really demonstrates the significance that health coaches bring to CLIC.


Health Coach 2 (click here to view)

Duration: 12 Minutes

Claire Harvey (Health Coach) gets alongside patients when discussing Personalised Care Plans and Advanced Care Plans.

She emphasises the importance of these plans being about what the patients want.



Registered Nurse 1 (click here to view)

Duration: 15 Minutes 

Robyn Cleverley, an RN in a small town practice,  has three years' experience of doing CHAs and the CLIC programme.

She talks about how she values CLIC as an opportunity to get to know patients better and explores the relationship of trust between

patient and clinician.  Please note, the use of the term 'CLIC' in this recording refers to the Comprehensive Health Assessment.


Registered Nurses 2 (click here to view)

Duration: 25 Minutes 

CLIC is well established in this rural practice and some of the registered nurses talk over how CLIC works and what their roles are.

This wide-ranging informal chat provides lots of helpful ideas about their roles, the process in the practice, the CHA, care plans and MDTs. 

They talk about early challenges in setting up CLIC and ways to get over those, and the value of having dedicated time to uncover new

things about patients that can help support them in their medical journey.