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Adult Primary Care Survey (PES)

Growing evidence tells us that patient experience is a good indicator of the quality of health services. Better experience, stronger partnerships with consumers, and patient and family-centered care have been linked to improved health, clinical, financial, service, and satisfaction outcomes.

The Health Quality & Safety Commission conducts two national surveys to enable the collection, measurement, and use of patient experience information on a regular basis. 
The adult primary care patient experience survey provides information about what patients’ experience in primary care is like and how their overall care is managed between their general practice, diagnostic services, specialists and/or hospital staff.
The adult hospital inpatient experience survey covers four key domains of hospital inpatient experience: communication, partnership, co-ordination and physical and emotional needs. 


Introduction to APCS (PES)

APCS (PES) How To Library 

APCS (PES) Patient Questionnaire

APCS (PES) Quarterly Newsletter

Survey Flyer (English)

Survey Flyer (Te Reo)

Survey Flyer (Samoan)

Survey Flyer (Tongan)

Using Survey Data for Quality Improvement


A one-pager document has also been created to assist reception/practice staff to answer patient questions about the survey, we would encourage you to print this resource so you have answers to frequently asked questions on hand during the survey period. 

Data Collection Portal  

In the data collection portal you can:

  • Update facility information

  • Moderate open-ended comments before their publication to the reporting portal

  • respond to contact requests from patients

  • monitor response rates

  • download raw data in excel


Reporting Portal

In the reporting portal you can:

  • View survey results

  • Use data expression tool to create customised data tables

  • Access to historical data



Increasing Māori and Pacific participation

A key focus of Ipsos’s work will be increasing participation from under-represented groups (in particular Māori and Pacific peoples). This will be ongoing, but as a first step will include testing alternative invitation methods and translating the surveys into Te Reo Māori. 


Survey Dates


APCS Timetable Q4 Apr - Jun 2022 Q1 Jul - Sept 2022 Q2 Oct - Dec 2022 Q3 Jan - Mar 2023 Q4 Apr - Jun 2023
Survey Sample Week - Patients seen at the practice they're enrolled with during these dates will be invitied to participate in the survey Monday 2nd May 2022 Monday 25th July 2022 Monday 31st October 2022 Monday 13th February 2023 Monday 1st May 2023
Sunday 15th May 2022 Sunday 7th August 2022 Sunday 13th November 2022 Sunday 26th February 2023 Sunday 14th May 2023
Survey Invites - emailed or texted to all patients with an email address or cell contact. Response rates available on Portal Wednesday 18th May 2022 Wednesday 10th August 2022 Wednesday 16th November 2022 Wednesday 1st March 2023 Wednesday 17th May 2023
Friday 20th May 2022 Friday 12th August 2022 Friday 18th November 2022 Friday 3rd March 2023 Friday 19th May 2023
Comment moderation and Contact Request review period begins Thursday 19th May 2022 Thursday 11th August 2022 Thursday 17th November 2022 Thursday 2nd March 2023 Thursday 18th May 2023
Survey Results - posted to portal Thursday 16th June Thursday 8th September 2022 Thursday 15th December 2022 Thursday 30th March 2023 Thursday 15th June 2023

Need Support?

The data collection portal password will not expire. The PHO Superuser (Practice Network Team) can update any of the passwords if needed but they will remain regardless of engagement. 

The reporting portal will expire but the system will give the user the option to reset their password when this happens. In most cases, users will also have the option to reset their password for the reporting portal by using the “forgot-my-password” function on the sign-in page. In some cases this won’t work and Ipsos can then manually trigger a reset password link for users.

If you need access login details, add new users, or remove users who no longer need access contact the Practice Network Team at the PHO at

Patients requiring support from Ipsos please email or call on 0800 121 650

Practices that require support from Ipsos please email: or phone 04 974 8630