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Service Schedule

WellSouth has a number of funded programmes for specific conditions and patient groups. 

This Service Schedule gives a brief summary around eligibility and Programme Fees.





After Hours Under 14 
$80.00 +GST   (Mon-Fri 6pm - 11pm, W/E 8am and 11pm
$150.00 +GST   (Between 11pm and 8am and callouts)
Patients aged 0-13 years.
Practices cannot claim GMS if the patient is enrolled in a WellSouth Practice, if not enrolled with WellSouth then GMS can be claimed
Cervical Smears
$34.78 +GST
Maori, Pacific & Asian women or CSC, HUHC or Q5 women aged 20-69 years due; overdue or never screened.   
Other Ethnicities aged 30-69 years; who have never had a smear or who have not had a smear in the last 5 years. 
$100.00 +GST (CHA)


$100.00 +GST (Quick CLIC Assessment)


$60.00 +GST (Quick CLIC Review)
Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA), patient will be stratified into a level (1, 2 or 3). This level determines the ongoing programme for the patient. 
Quick CLIC is best for patients who have well-managed LTC usually, but are experiencing a short term exacerbation, or an acute episode of another health problem. 
Quick CLIC Review can be completed for a patient at anytime within the ensuing 6 months. This review is there to identify what interventions and outcomes have occurred for the patient. Review can take place at anytime from a few weeks after initial assessment, through to the full 6 months. 
COPD Ambulance Diversion 
$60.00 +GST(standard Consult)
$100.00 +GST (Extended Consult)
Patient must have arrived at the Practice as an Ambulance Diversion - Not a walk in COPD presentation 
COPD Hospital Discharge 
$60.00 +GST 
Prior to discharge from hospital, the discharge nurse will contact the patients usual GP to arrange a follow-up appointment. This appointment is expected to occur with 14 days of discharge. 
Appointment can be with Nurse or GP.
This is for one appointment only, further follow-ups if deemed necessary are not covered under this programme.
$60.00 +GST (Virtual)
$120.00 +GST (Simple Assessment + Swab)
$250.00 +GST (Full Assessment)
Three funded assessments available for those who are displaying COVID-like symptoms. Please review full summary page for more detail
CVD Risk Assessment 
$30.00 +GST


Funding is available for the following group of patients:
 1. Maori, Pacific & South Asian MEN aged 30-74             2. Maori, Pacific & South Asian WOMEN aged 40-74         3. All other ethnicities MEN aged 45-74 (must have CSC or HUHC or be Quintile 5)                                                 4. All other ethnicities WOMEN aged 55-74 (must have CSC or HUHC or Quintile 5)                                            5. Patients with severe mental illness (Schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, Bipolar disorder, Schizoaffective disorder from age 25). *
*Patients with a severe mental illness - assessment must be commenced as a new Non-Funded Assessment, once severe mental illness is ticked, the claim will update to a funded Assessment
** South Asian includes: Indian, Fijian Indian, Sri Lankan, Afghani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Pakistani, Tibetan
Patients must not have previously had a CVDRA or if they have had a CVDRA, it must have been more than 5 years ago. 
Use of this programme should be in conjunction with the Southern Health Pathway for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment (CVRA)
Diabetes Annual Review 
$40.00 +GST
All patients with Diabetes.  Next review can be completed after 11 months 
Diabetes - Insulin Initiation 
$391.30 +GST
Patient must be:
  • Enrolled in WellSouth
  • Enrolled in Careplus or had a CLIC CHA
  •  Diagnosed Type 2
  • have had two HBA1C readings >64mmol/mol (8%)
  • on appropriate oral medication
  • compliant with medications 
  • 18 years and over 
Use of this programme should be in conjunction with the Southern Health Pathway for starting Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes
Former Refugee Subsidy 
$100.00 +GST 


up to $80.00 (max)
Subsidy Consult             
(value can be changed when submitting the claim)
Former Refugee patients enrolled in a WellSouth practice within Dunedin and Invercargill are eligible for funded GP and Nurse appointments for the first 2 years of their resettlement.
  • The patient must have been registered on the programme by WellSouth at the time of arrival.
  • An initial extended appointment is available to each person at the beginning of their enrolment (usually within the first 4 weeks).
  • Ongoing visits can be claimed for the duration of the 2 year period at a variable rate—maximum $80
Hepatitis C - Maviret 
$80.50 +GST
One appointment to commence Maviret treatment. Patients must be HCV positive with a positive HVC viral load and not treated previously
IV Antibiotics including Cellulitis 
$110.00 +GST Dose 1 
Any patient who meets criteria as per relevant Health pathway.               
Two additional treatments may be claimed for patients with Cellulitis 
IV Antibiotic Cellulitis Follow-up
$45.50 +GST
One follow up to review patient
IV Fluids 
$145.00 +GST (1 litre)
$205.00 +GST (2 litre) max claim 
IV Fluids can be given to patients with the below conditions, to prevent hospital admission or presentation:
  • Hyperemesis
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Dehydration
  • RenalColic
  • Other
Please do not submit claim until after you have completed the treatment in full as you can only make one claim. 
Follow relevant Health Pathway 
IV Iron Infusion
$125.00 +GST
Patients who meet the below criteria:
  • Symptomatic Iron Deficiency
  • Maternity: Trimester 2 or 3 only
  • Chronic Heart Failure
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Postpartum 
Also eligible are patients who have already had an IV Iron Infusion within the last 3 months and need to have a 2nd infusion because a dose of >1000mg is required or on consultant advice* *must be clearly documented in the portal, and include name of consultant.
Follow relevant Health Pathway 
Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)
Jadelle Insertion:             $80.00 +GST
Jadelle Removal:             $160.00 +GST
IUD Insertion:                   $150.00 +GST
IUD Removal:                    $60.00 +GST
LARC Insertions:   High Needs women (Maori, Pacific, Q5) aged under 45 or CSC Holders aged under 45 or Termination of pregnancy
LARC Removals:   Any patient who is High needs (Maori, Pacific, Q5) or has a CSC. May be aged over 45, but please note they will not be eligible for a new insertion if over 45.
Exclusions: women who require management of bleeding, but do not require contraception
National Bowel Screening 
$60.00 +GST
Eligible population aged 60-74 years screened via National Bowel Screening programme only (Follow relevant Health Pathway)
Palliative Care 
$200.00 +GST (Registration)
$250.00 +GST (Exit)
 Registration is for all Patients who have a terminal condition with end of life likely to be within 6 months. 
Exit from the programme is available on patient's death or 6 months following registration (patients cannot be re-registered) 
Pipelle Biopsy Programme 
$205.00 +GST (Pipelle Biopsy)
$75.00 +GST (Follow-up)
Procedures carried out by identified providers 
Rheumatic Fever 
$34.78 +GST
Patient is registered onto the
Rheumatic Fever programme in the WellSouth portal. This is done
before a claim can be made by the practice.
NB: There is no payment
associated with registration. 
Patients diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever by a hospital specialist, paediatrician or physician, and currently requiring long term prophylactic antibiotics.
Exclusions:  Patients who had childhood Rheumatic Fever, but no longer require long term antibiotics. (see health pathway)
Sexual Health 
$34.78 +GST
1. Outside of Dunedin and Invercargill for Non-High needs patients from the commencement of sexual activity under 22 years. 
2. High Needs patients from the commencement of sexual activity up to 50 years. 
Urinary Catheterisation 
 $80.00 +GST
Patients presenting with Acute urinary retention (Follow relevant Health Pathway).

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Service Schedule updated April 2021