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Service Schedule

WellSouth has a number of funded programmes for specific conditions and patient groups. 

The Service Schedule gives a brief summary around eligibility and programme Fees.





After Hours Under 14 
$80.00 +GST                          (mon-Fri 6pm - 11pm, W/e 8am and 11pm
$150.00 +GST                        (Between 11pm and 8am and callouts)
Patients aged 0-13 years.
Practices cannot claim GMS if the patient is enrolled in a WellSouth Practice, if not enrolled with WellSouth then GMS can be claimed
Cervical Smears
$34.78 +GST
Maori, Pacific & Asian women or CSC, HUHC or Q5 women aged 20-69 years due; overdue or never screened.   
Other Ethnicities aged 30-69 years; who have never had a smear or who have not had a smear in the last 5 years. 
$100.00 +GST (CHA)
$100.00 +GST (Quick CLIC Assessment)
$60.00 +GST (Quick CLIC Review)
Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA), patient will be stratified into a level (1,2 or 3). This level determines the ongoing programme for the patient. 
Quick CLIC is best for patients who have well-managed LTC usually, but are experiencing a short term exacerbation, or an acute episode of another health problem. 
Quick CLIC Review can be completed for a patient at anytime within the ensuing 6 months. This review is there to identify what interventions and outcomes have occurred for the patient. Review can take place at anytime from a few weeks after initial assessment, through to the full 6 months. 
COPD Ambulance Diversion 
$60.00 +GST(standard Consult)
$100.00 +GST (Extended Consult)
Patient must have arrived at the Practice as an Ambulance Diversion - Not a walk in COPD presentation 
COPD Hospital Discharge 
$60.00 +GST 
Prior to discharge from hospital, the discharge nurse will contact the patients usual GP to arrange a follow-up appointment. This appointment is expected to occur with 14 days of discharge. 
Appointment can be with Nurse or GP.
This is for one appointment only, further follow-ups if deemed necessary are not covered under this programme.
$60.00 +GST (Virtual)
$120.00 +GST (Simple Assessment+Swab)
$250.00 +GST (Full Assessment)
Three funded assessments available for those who are displaying COVID-like symptoms. Please review full summary page for more detail
CVD Risk Assessment 
$30.00 +GST


 Funding is available for the following group of patients:
1. Maori & Pacific MEN aged 30-74                                  2.Maori & Pacific WOMEN aged 40-74                               3. All other ethnicities MEN aged 45-74 (must have CSC or HUHC or be Quintile 5)        4.All other ethnicities WOMEN aged 55-74 (must have CSC or HUHC or Quintile 5)
Patients must not have previously had a CVDRA or if they have had a CVDRA, it must have been more than 5 years ago. 
Use of this programme should be in conjunction with the Southern Health Pathway for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment (CVRA)
Diabetes Annual Review 
All patients with Diabetes.  Next review can be completed after 11 months 
Diabetes - Insulin Initiation 
$391.30 +GST
Patient must be:
  • Patient must be:
  • Enrolled in WellSouth
  • Enrolled in Careplus or had a CLIC CHA
  •  Diagnosed type 2
  • have had two HBA1C readings >64mmol/mol (8%)
  • on appropriate oral medication
  • compliant with medications 
  • 18 years and over 
use of this programme should be in conjunction with the Southern Health Pathway for starting Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes
Hepatitis C - Maviret 
One appointment to commence Maviret treatment. Patients must be HCV positive with a positive HVC Viral load and not treated previously
IV Antibiotics including Cellulitis 
$110.00 +GST Dose 1 
Any patient who meets criteria as per relevant Health pathway.               
  • Two additional treatments may be claimed for patients with Cellulitis 
IV Antibiotic Cellulitis Follow-up
One follow up to review patient
IV Fluids 
$145.00+GST (1 litre)
$205.00 +GST (2 litre) max claim 
IV Fluids can be given to patients with the below conditions, to prevent hospital admission or presentation:
  • Hyperemesis
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Dehydration
  • RenalColic
  • Other
Please do not submit claim until after you have completed the treatment in full as you can only make one claim. 
Follow relevant Health Pathway 
IV Iron Infusion
Patients who meet the below criteria:
  • Symptomatic Iron Deficiency
  • Materinty: Trimester 2 or 3 only
  • Chronic Heart Failure
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Postpartum 
Also eligible are patients who have already had an IV Iron Infusion within the last 3 months and need to have a 2nd infusion because a dose of >1000mg is required or on consultant advice* *must be clearly documented in the portal, and include name of consultant
Follow relevant Health Pathway 
$80.00 +GST (Insertion) 
$160.00 +GST (Removal)
Jadelle Insertions: High needs women (Maori, Pacific Island or Quintile 5), or CSC holders who are aged under 45 i.e. have not had their 45th birthday
Jadelle Removals: Any patient who has had their Jadelle inserted via the WellSouth Programme regardless of their age at the time of removal i.e. can be over 45.
Available to any Practice with a provider of the service as advised to WellSouth.
National Bowel Screening 
$60.00 +GST
Eligible population aged 60-74 years screened via National Bowel Screening programme only (Follow relevant Health Pathway)
Palliative Care 
$200.00 +GST (Registration)
$250.00 +GST (Exit)
 Registration is for all Patients who have a terminal condition with end of life likely to be within 6 months. 
Exit from the programme is available on patient's death or 6 months following registration (patients cannot be re-registered) 
Pipelle Biopsy Programme 
$205.00 +GST (Pipelle Biopsy)
$75.00 +GST (Follow-up)
Procedures carried out by identified providers 
Refugee Initial Assessment 


Refugee Ongoing Visits 
$80.00 +GST (max) 
This extended consultation is only available to former refugees resettling in Dunedin and Invercargill as part of the refugee resettlement programme    *Only 1 claim per patient
Available for subsequent consultations for Former Refugees for 2 years from resettlement. Please adjust claim amount up to a maximum of $80 +GST.
Rheumatic Fever 
 $34.78 +GST
Patients diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever by a Hospital specialist, paediatrician or physician, and currently requiring long term prophylactic antibiotics.
Patient is registered onto the programme through the portal, there is no payment associated with registration
All patients diagnosed by a hospital specialist paediatrician or physician as needing long term prophylactic antibiotics. Patients must be registered with WellSouth. Antibiotic treatment, medical review, flu vaccination and treatment of new sore throats must be provided to the patient free of charge 
Sexual Health 
$34.78 +GST
1. Outside of Dunedin and Invercargill for Non-High needs patients from the commencement of sexual activity under 22 years. 
2. High Needs patients from the commencement of sexual activity up to 50 years. 
Urinary Catheterisation 
 $80.00 +GST
Patients presenting with Acute urinary retention (Follow relevant Health Pathway).
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Service Schedule updated April 2021