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As part of the continuous improvement and ongoing enhancements to the COVID Immunisation Register (CIR), there is a release of new functionality going live in the CIR this week, Thursday, 10 February 2022. Below is a brief overview of the key changes in advance so you know what is coming.

CIR Enhancements:

There are a number of key usability enhancements which will support frontline users working at vaccination sites, these are as follows:

  • Batch ID Type Ahead List: Update to include a type ahead list of available Batch ID’s for a site in the Complete Activities page in the CIR. When a CIR user begins to enter a Batch ID into the Batch ID field, a list of available options linked to the site will display for selection.

  • Vaccine Volume Administered Field: Update to include different units of measurement e.g. mcg, mg, spray  to the Vaccine Volume Administered field in the Complete Activities page. The unit of measurement will be pre-determined based on the Vaccine Type selected by CIR users.

    Please note: CIR users will not be required to determine the unit of measurement for a Vaccine Type, but will still be required to enter the volume administered of a vaccine.

  • Vaccine Batch Number and Vaccine Batch Expiry Date: Update to rename Antigen Batch Number to Vaccine Batch Number, and rename Antigen Batch Expiry Date to Vaccine Batch Expiry Date, in the Complete Activities page of the vaccination in the CIR.

  • Diluent Batch and Expiry Fields: Update to display the Diluent Batch Number and Expiry fields in the Complete Activities page of the vaccination, only where the vaccine being administered requires diluent to be recorded i.e. these fields will no longer show for every vaccine type.

Please note: The Vaccine Batch Number and Vaccine Batch Expiry Date will continue to display for every vaccine type and will continue to be a required field.

  • Automatic Conversion of Batch ID to Uppercase: Update to automatically convert a Batch ID to uppercase characters, where the Batch ID has been entered into the CIR using lowercase characters.

  • Addition of Convert to Booster Button: Update to add a Convert to Booster button on a consumer’s case in the CIR. Where a booster dose has been incorrectly recorded in the CIR as an additional dose against the primary course, this button can be used to correct this and convert the dose to a booster case.

Please note: This button will only be available to certain permission sets.

  • New Contact First and Last Name fields: Update to add new Contact First Name and Contact Last Name fields to a consumer’s Participant Profile in the CIR.

CICS Enhancements:

There are a number of key usability enhancements which will support CICS users, these are as follows:

  • Investigation Reasons Added: Update to include the following Investigation Reason options to a consumer’s support case

  • Booster or dose 3 missing

  • Dose number / date incorrect

  • Investigation Reasons Removed: Update to remove the following Investigation Reason options from a consumer’s support case

  • Bookings issue

  • Multiple vaccination cases

  • Possible < 12

  • < 21 days between doses

  • New Contact First and Last Name fields: Update to add new Contact First Name and Contact Last Name fields to the Contact Details section of a support case in CICS. These fields will not be automatically populated with details from a Paediatric Pfizer booking made in Book My Vaccine, as part of this release. Instead, CICS users can use the Search and Link Booking function to link the Paediatric Pfizer booking and therefore populate the Contact First Name and Contact Last Name details.  


These changes are due to go live on the evening of Thursday, 10 February 2022. We will provide detailed release notes and update the relevant training materials to reflect the changes for the release. Please note that details about the various changes will only be communicated to the relevant groups.


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