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WellSouth Board and Te Hauora Matua

WellSouth Board

The WellSouth Board meets 11 times each year.

The Board has three sub-committees responsible for specific areas.

The AGM is held in November of each year, and is open to the public.

Trustee Competency Statement


Doug Hill - Chair

(General Practice)

Tony Hill - Deputy Chair


Donna Matahaere-Atariki


Sue Crengle


Amanda McCracken


Norman Elder, Tony Dunstan


Keith Abbott

(General Practice)

Paul Larson


Susie Meyer

(General Practice)

Te Hauora Matua

Te Hauora Matua meets up to 4 times each year.

Odele Stehlin - Chair


Ann Wakefield


Sumaria Beaton


Taare Bradshaw


Donna Matahaere-Atariki


Victoria Bryant


Justine Camp