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Client Led Integrated Care (CLIC)

 WellSouth’s Client Led Integrated Care (CLIC) programme is a funded programme of care for people with long-term conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions, or mental health issues.

 CLIC helps patients with long-term conditions to get access to more care and have greater control over managing their health condition. CLIC is available to enrolled patients of all general practices in WellSouth Primary Health Network. Delivered through general practices, CLIC provides patients and the practice team with the opportunity to plan care and support based on the needs and priorities of the patient.

CLIC is designed to help patients to have more say in their treatment and be actively engaged in their own programme of care, self-managing their conditions in partnership with their primary health care provider.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

The foundation of CLIC is  a one-hour Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA), capturing the patient’s overall health needs – medical conditions, as well as information about personal circumstances, goals and any barriers that may be holding the patient back from improving quality-of-life and managing health conditions.

Care Plan

Based on the CHA, the health care team will work with the patient to develop a personalised care plan that sets health goals, support patients to look after themselves and keep to a minimum any health complications.

Quick CLIC

The CLIC programme has recently been enhanced to provide practices with more flexibility to allocate their funding, while offering patients the same added support and care.

A new Quick CLIC option is an abridged version that provides clinician with the ability to provide short term support (up to 6 months) for patients, enhancing their ability to return to supported self-management.

 What to know more?

Contact your general practice team. And please read our CLIC Patient Brochure.