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Fracture Liaison Service

The Fracture Liaison Service team follows up with people who have sustained fragility fractures and provides extra support to promote better bone health and reduce the likelihood of future fractures.


Fragility fractures are those occurring from low-impact or low-level falls and can be an early indication of bone conditions or disease, such as osteoporosis. But providing extra support to patients, suggesting prescriptive measures, and exercise interventions can help reduce the likelihood of future fractures.


The team initially make contact by a telephone consultation within 12 weeks of the fracture. During the initial consultation, they conduct a bone health assessment, fall risk assessment, and create a personalised care plan. The team then follow up at 16 weeks and 52 weeks from the fracture. Interventions and advice can include exercise classes and supplements.


Patients can be referred to this service by their GP or identified through fracture reporting shared from the Southern DHB and ACC.

Your bone health is linked to your risk of having a broken bone. Your GP can help you reduce this risk with a fracture risk assessment.