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Healthy Lifestyle Groups

This course is fun, free and interactive. The Healthy Eating Group education is 8 hours of structured education. Sessions are spread over several weeks.

    • Part one and two will cover food and nutrition including;

      • Food groups, portion sizes, Plate model.

      • Goal setting.

      • Sugary drinks and alcohol.

      • Fat and cholesterol.

      • Salt and blood pressure.

  • Part three and four will use the Craving Change approach to help you:

    • Understand why it’s hard to change eating.
    • Identify your personal triggers for problematic eating.
    • Learn how to respond to triggers in better ways.
    • Maintain new responses during stressful times.

This course is for people who are overweight who have pre-diabetes or high risk of heart disease. You can self-refer, or get referred by a health professional.