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About Fracture Liason and Falls Prevention

Stay active, stay healthy, live stronger for longer.

Thank you for visiting our page on preventing falls & fractures in the Southern Region. We are a small team of therapists and nurses.

We are passionate about keeping older people well and independent. Positive ageing is about providing the best quality of life for older people. Ministry of Health, HQSC and ACC all want to value older people by reducing falls and injuries from falls.

Image of positive aging in relation to falls and fracture care

Image representing ideas of positive aging in relation to falls and fracture care. In the center is a house surrounded by 5 goals including 1) Independent and well at home, 2) Fewer fall injuries, 3) Fewer serious harm falls and fractures, 4) Improved recovery (hospital and home), and 5) Integrated falls and fracture care across the system. Outcomes from 5) include: 1) Providing home based strength and balance, 2) Make available Community classes for strength and balance, and 3) Appropriate care for people with fractures.

B-Well, Falls & Fracture Prevention Team

Locally, B-Well, Falls & Fracture Prevention Team offers a range of services because one size does not fit all:

  1. Home based strength and balance programme
  2. Community strength and balance,
  3. Fracture Liaison Service within General Practice.

Current data shows us that each year 1 in 3 people aged 65 or over will fall. For people over 80 years the risk increases to 1 in 2. Falling over is not a natural part of the ageing process and many falls are preventable.

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Our team:

Falls Prevention Team

Stacey Porter (Southland), Nicola Hayward (Southland), Laura Hogue (Otago), Mandy Rowse (Otago)