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Community Based Strength and Balance Classes

As the lead agency appointed by ACC we are approving existing exercise classes aimed at improving strength and balance, as well as help develop new classes in other areas. We use the 9 criteria outlined by ACC  to make sure the exercise provider is delivering safe and effective exercise for you.

Benefits of using an approved provider:

  • You can feel confident that the exercises and instructors have been approved to meet the criteria specified by us and ACC
  • Approved classes are part of a wider network linked to falls prevention pathways in the region including green prescription and community health services
  • They are using research and evidence based exercises in a safe & effective way
  • They meet all health & safety requirements

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Green Prescription                        

If you are unsure which class is for you and feel you require a more personalised approach to exercise then contact Green Prescription.  The team at Green Prescription would be happy to discuss options that best meet your needs.

In Otago Sports Otago  runs Green Prescription. In Southland, contact Sports Southland