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Home based Exercise

The B-Well home exercise programme is based on the Otago Exercise Programme. Any housebound older adult at risk of falls is eligible for assessment for the B-Well home exercise programme.One leg star2

The exercises are done in your own home. The exercises will strengthen your legs and improve your balance. By doing these exercises, you reduce your risk of falling.
To gain the benefits of the programme you will need to do the exercises at least 3 times a week. You can do the exercise in a 30 minute block or 

Mini squat

at different times of the day. The exercise program is planned around your abilities. As you get fitter, the exercises can be changed to give you more of a challenge.


Ways to keep fit and include exercise into every day life

It is important that exercise becomes part of our daily routines, especially later if life when we usually we are less active. Look for chances in your daily tasks where you can include or embed strength and balance activities. For example:

  • At the kitchen sink or brushing teeth reduce base of support by putting one foot in front of the other or standing on one leg.
  • Stepping over objects is another great exercise which challenges our balance.
  • Reaching up into high cupboards or squatting down to pick something up are all times to help strengthen your muscles.

Include walking into your daily routine or taking the stairs where possible.

For example:

  • Get off at a stop earlier on the bus or park a bit further away to increase the distance. 
  • Walk to your neighbours rather than phone them

Take the stairs rather than the lift, even if only up a few floors.