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Healthy Lifestyle Groups 

Healthy lifestyle groups (HLG) are fun, free and interactive. HLG let you explore ways of improving your health through eating and activity.  We offer HLG via Zoom or face to face across the year. 

HLG are 8 hours of learning spread over several weeks. 

The topics in the first part of the course include: 

  • Food groups, portion sizes

  • Plate model

  • Goal setting

  • Sugary drinks and alcohol

  • Fat and cholesterol

  • Salt and blood pressure.

In the second part of the course we cover: 

  • Understand why it’s hard to change eating

  • Identify your personal triggers for problematic eating

  • Learn how to respond to triggers in better ways

  • Maintain new responses during stressful times.

This course is open to anyone who wants to eat better. We can include teens in a group if they are supported by a family member.  You can self-refer or get referred by your doctor or nurse.

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