West Otago Health


West Otago Health serves the people of West Otago with pride. We value our relationship with our community we serve and encourage them to get involved in what we do. We hope your association with us is positive and productive. We look forward to working with you further



50 Tapanui-Raes , Junction , Highway, Tapanui, 9587

Phone: 03 2048668

Fax: 03 2048667

Email: wohealth@wohealth.co.nz

Website: www.wohealth.co.nz

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM

Appointments are available each weekday from 8.30am.

After Hours, Weekends and Public Holidays:

We have a PRIME Nurse or Nurse Practitioner available on-call.

Please telephone the Practitioner on-call on (027) 644 0300

Emergency Care:

For Emergency care at any time, please dial 111 and request the ambulance service.



General Practitioner:

Dr Fons Captijn

Nurse Practitioner:

Gina Mills

Registered Nurse:

Emily Street

Fees Information




Under 6 yrs

$ 0.00


6-13 yrs

$ 0.00


14-17 yrs

$ 13.00


18-24 yrs

$ 19.00


25-44 yrs

$ 19.00


45-64 yrs

$ 19.00


65 yrs & over

$ 19.00


Fees Disclaimer

These fees apply to enrolled patients. Listed fees are for a standard appointment for both Community Services Card (CSC) patients and non CSC patients. Standard appointments occur during Practice working hours. Charges may be different for casual patients. Check the fees when booking your appointment.


West Otago Health is a “not for profit” community owned health care provider, set up by volunteers living within West Otago to help our community by meeting their health care needs.  All our people share a common belief that a strong health care service plus the ability to care for our elderly locally, is a critical component of our community infrastructure.


All services available are provided from, or based at, a combined purpose built rural community health centre and home for the aged situated at the northern entrance to Tapanui.  The construction of our present premises was an enormous community project for West Otago’s 2300 residents that was concluded August 2014.


Our focus is to provide “whole of life care”.  This includes rural primary health care, emergency care, district nursing, allied health (including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech language therapy) palliative care and aged related residential care services.  To ensure equity and improve accessibility of service provision to specialist care, support is given to and relationships fostered with visiting specialists.