Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Mr. Worry | Holly Niner

Mr. Worry

Holly Niner

This easy to read and well-illustrated book is suitable for adults and children to help them to gain an understanding about OCD and strategies that can help.

Mr. Worry provides a story that children can relate to and understand and is a platform for discussion between parents and children. The story follows a young boy called Kevin and his daily struggle with OCD. Kevin feels relief when he is diagnosed and learns that he is not "crazy" but that OCD is a particular way for some brains to manage worry and fear. Kevin begins meeting with a Counsellor who takes a playful approach in her therapy encouraging Kevin to imagine OCD as a little man called Mr. Worry who is keeping a checklist of Kevin's daily rituals. Over time, and with the help of medication, Kevin is able to listen to Mr. Worry less and less. The Author's own son has been diagnosed with OCD and she has written this book to offer hope that OCD can be helped through medication and therapy. The important messages this book aims to communicate to other parents is that a child with OCD is not crazy or seeking attention; parents or an upsetting event do not cause OCD; discipline, coaxing, or ridicule will not cure it; and that there is hope for children with OCD.