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Ōku Moe Moea: The Dream Which Is Bigger Than I Am | Hammond Boys

Ōku Moe Moea: The Dream Which Is Bigger Than I Am

Hammond Boys

This powerful book offers vital close reading for all who believe that art is not a luxury but a human necessity. 

Through the eyes of a gifted boy growing up in isolation it raises the question of how to rise above the limited vision of marginalization of arts in today's societies. Victory believes that the great God of Science and the great God of Art are out of heavenly alignment and we are following the wrong God home. He understands his creativity is essential and that he can live in harmony with the environment and develop peaceful relationships. For Victory, the natural universe is friendly and art is life. In our fast moving and rapidly changing world many young people are struggling with the questions and thoughts Victory asks. As he hides his art to protect it, we glimpse the anguish of youth coping with infrastructure violence against their talents. This simple story challenges everyone concerned with our survival as the creative species on an endangered planet to reconsider the place of art in our future. It is a new parable and legend to be shared by young people, teachers and parents.