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National MMR Campaign for 15 to 30 year-olds 

Thursday 12 November 2020

The Government is rolling out a year-long national measles campaign – called Guardians of the Future - with a focus on ensuring people aged15-30 years are immunised with MMR.



  • General Practices are being asked to recall patients due or overdue for an MMR vaccine.
  • People in in the 15 to 30 year old age group should check their vaccination records and ensure their records are up to date with their GP.
  • Some people won't know their immunisation status. Please check with your parents/caregivers and the records they hold. If, after checking, you still don’t know, then check with your GP.
  • If you have no record of an MMR, it's likely an MMR vaccine will be administered.
  • When you go to your doctor for an MMR,  the GP team will check your immunisation status and you may be offered other outstanding vaccinations, in addition to MMR.

    More information: Ministry of Health 
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