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We are WellSouth Primary Health Network

Read our 2017 Annual Report

We are WellSouth Primary Health Network. WellSouth is the local primary health organisation for Otago and Southland.

What does a Primary Health Organisation do?

  • Organise primary health care services in Otago and Southland.
  • Support primary health care providers in the south
  • Reduce health disparity and improve access to health care.
  • Ensure quick and easy access to primary health care, when you need it.
  • Maintain and improve the wellness of people in Otago and Southland.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Support access to screening and prevention services.
  • Work with other health providers to improve integrated care.
  • Measure and understand health data, so we can make better funding decisions.

 WellSouth offers some clinical services to help General Practice provide better care for you. These services include; clinical pharmacists, counselling, dietitians, falls prevention and long-term condition nurses.

WellSouth is a not-for-profit organisation. We are required to make our Annual Report available for all members of the public. This is our annual report for 2017:



Our Annual reports for 2014-2016 are available below

WellSouth PHN Annual Report 2016

WellSouth PHN Annual Report 2015

Southern PHO Annual Report 2014

WellSouth holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November of each year. The public can attend the AGM

The date of the AGM in 2017 is November 14th. If you are interested in attending please telephone



333 Princes Street