Family Mental Health Service

Family Mental Health Services (FMHS) is a primary mental health service catering to children, youth, and adults facing moderate to severe mental health difficulties within the Dunedin region. Clients in this service still have their medical care managed by a General Practitioner (GP).

Based in Mosgiel, FMHS clinicians work with people and families with for a period of up to six to eight months – along with their GPs and other health professionals.

Māori, Pacific Island and high-needs populations are prioritised for the service.

An individualised treatment plan is created for clients and the service delivers strengths-based mental health treatment and therapy services for people of all ages in a community setting.

We can help with:

  • Trauma and PTSD 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Disordered eating

  • Family and relationship issues

  • Maternal mental health eg post-natal depression and anxiety

  • Sustained or pervasive functional difficulties

  • Sustained mental health changes for more than 4 weeks e.g. depressed mood, panic attacks, social avoidance, aggression.

Access and Referrals

FMHS works in partnership with a number of other organisations and schools including providing advice and information to others around the care of individuals with mental health issues.

Accessing the service is principally by GP referral, but other community agencies, schools or, in some instances, self-referrals are accepted as well.

Consider making a referral to FMHS for:

  • Embedded or long-standing mental health concerns

  • Established mental health history with impact on more than one of the following: daily life, work life/school life, and relationships

  • Clients needing longer interventions due to historic or prolonged mental health diagnoses.

We are proud to offer our services to people of all ages enrolled with the following Dunedin and Mosgiel area general practices free of charge:

  • Aurora Health Centre

  • Broadway Medical Centre

  • Dunedin Health Centre

  • Dunedin North Medical Centre

  • Dunedin South Medical Centre

  • Gordon Road Medical Centre

  • Green Island Family Health Care

  • Green Island Medical Centre

  • Mornington Health Centre

  • Mosgiel Health Centre

  • Outram Medical Centre

  • Servants Health Centre

  • Te Kāika

  • Meridian Medical Centre 

  • Portsea Medical Practice

  • Otago Peninsula Medical Centre

  • Harbour Health Port Chalmers Limited

  • The Garden Medical & Sports Medicine Centre

Contact us


Phone: 0800 477 115