HPV Vaccination

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunisation is free for boys and girls aged 9 – 26 years. The HPV vaccine protects against future infection from nine types of HPV that lead to cervical, anal, genital, mouth and throat cancers, as well as genital warts.  The HPV vaccine is the final immunisation given as part of New Zealand’s free childhood immunisation programme.


All Year 8 students are offered the vaccine at school. In Otago, Public Health Nurses from Southern DHB vaccinate the students.  In Southland, Nurses from WellSouth vaccinate the students. 

If you missed your HPV vaccination at school and you are under 27 years of age, you can have the immunisation at your GP surgery, some Family Planning Clinics and Student Health Centres at no cost. The WellSouth Immunisation Team based in the Invercargill office are able to administer the vaccine to all eligible ages at no cost.

If you have started the HPV immunisation course, but are now over 27, you are able to complete the course at no cost.

For those over 27 who have not started the three dose vaccination course, the vaccine can be purchased and administered at your General Practice. The cost is approximately $500.

To contact Otago Public Health Nurses: (03 4769811)

To contact Southland WellSouth Immunisation Nurses: (03 2146436).

Learn more about HPV infection and vaccine at:

The Immunisation Advisory Centre