Former Refugee Support

WellSouth supports Former Refugees as part of the New Zealand Refugee Quota Programme.

We cover Dunedin and Invercargill and support the Former Refugees to access support in the community and health care system.

Our team is made up of Cross-Cultural Health Navigators, Registered Nurses; Community Nurse and Mental Health, Social Worker and Mental Health Clinicians.

What Support is Provided? 

Creating independence in navigating the health system and focusing on preventative care is a large focus of the work we do with the families and individuals who settle as part of the program. There is also some mental health and well-being support provided directly by WellSouth clinicians.

At times and where appropriate support will be provided by Te Whatu Ora- Southern, community-based mental health services, or other agencies to meet the needs of the individual and family.

How Do I Access the Service? 

Access to this service is by referral from general practice. GP referrals are triaged centrally by WellSouth to connect individuals and families with the most appropriate service for their needs.

Additional primary care support for former refugees includes:

  • Funded visits at general practice for the first three years

  • Coordination of interpreter services

  • Education and cultural advice

For more information, contact Jennifer Lowrey, Clinical Coordinator Former Refugee Mental Health and Addictions.