A healthier website for WellSouth

Monday 19 February 2024

A healthier website for WellSouth 

WellSouth Primary Health Network has upgraded its website, making it easier for practices and health consumers to find important health information. The new site is due to go live on Tuesday 27 February. 

The web update project is response to feedback from users to the site, including staff, that is had become hard to navigate the lengthy menu and content, and the search engine was poor.

The current site was launched four years ago.

Visitors will immediately notice changes when they land on the home page and as they explore the site overall. There is less clutter, cleaner and more relevant content and new categories of information presented visually in tiles, reducing scroll and long menu lists.

The search engine is sharper, and information has been updated.

The most visited pages were the starting point for the site upgrade, working alongside key members of staff to improve them. These pages include finding a GP under Your Health and Wellbeing, which is consumer targeted. Popular pages for WellSouth's network of around 80 general practices, included programme information and tikanga resources. 

For practices, the gateway to access information has not changed – a green provider button – however, when they land on pages, instead of a list of topics to choose on the left menu, the options are displayed across the page with an image and a preview to help make a selection.

Not only a better search function, but with a new menu ribbon across the top and a clear pathway of navigation alongside the tiles of information, there are essentially four ways to travel across the site, which should cater to the different ways different people find information. 

For some regular long-time users of website, the change may be at first disruptive, however this should only be temporary as the way the site is set up now and for the future proofing has been about ease and ensuring the site doesn't become overwhelming and cluttered again. 

We now just encourage people to explore and where relevant re-save favourites and links.


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