New Chief Digital Officer joins WellSouth

Tuesday 08 June 2021

There are big changes on the way in healthcare, and for Damon Campbell that means it is a more interesting and exciting time to make his move to the sector.

WellSouth’s new Chief Digital Officer takes up his role starting  8th June, joining the Primary Health Network for Otago and Southland from a similar role at the Far North District Council.

“The health sector reforms and advent of the locality networks, are exciting opportunities for information systems and digital transformation, but add to that the creation of the New Dunedin Hospital in the coming years – that to me makes Dunedin and Southern the place to be,” says born-and-bred-Southlander Damon. “I get to be part of the conversation around “where do we want to go?” and help make that happen.”

There are many similarities between local government and the health sector, he says, including delivering vital services, security, the need to meet the needs of urban and rural communities, working with diverse stakeholders groups, and the increasing importance of sustainability and social responsibility.

“Supporting people to have better access to services and live better lives is what attracted me to the public sector and it is the same opportunity I see in health. And that includes always working to promote equity,” Damon says, who, before moving to FNDC, was Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Southland District Council.

 A graduate of the former Southland Polytech with qualifications in Business Computing and an MBA from Massey University, Damon is looking forward to returning to the South and will be based at WellSouth’s Dunedin office.

WellSouth CEO Andrew Swanson-Dobbs says he is thrilled to have someone with Damon’s skills and experience join the organisation at such an important time.

“Damon is the second senior leader we have appointed in as many months. Dr Carol Atmore is joining as Medical Director in July and both Damon and Carol are characterised by their focus on people,” Andrew says. “These appointments say a lot about the important role WellSouth,  general practice teams will play in the coming months and years as we seek to create locality network in the Southern.”

As for any concerns about making the move to health, Damon says: “Only that there are a whole new set of acronyms to learn.”

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