WellSouth Trustee Competencies




The WellSouth Primary Health Network is a trust established for charitable purposes.  The vision of the Trust is to provide or procure the provision of the right primary health care, at the right place, at the right time, for the people of Otago and Southland.   


Charitable purposes 

The principal charitable purpose of WellSouth is to promote the health of individuals, their families and the community through the provision or procurement of comprehensive, quality primary health care, through enhancing collaboration and co-operation between Primary Health Care Practitioners, and through working with other health care providers to enhance the integration of primary health care with other levels of health care.  Other purposes and functions of the Trust include to: 

  • provide primary health care services directly and through sub-contracted providers to eligible people in Otago and Southland 

  • enhance the quality of primary health care services 

  • provide the best quality primary health care services reasonably possible within available resources 

  • grow Maori capacity in primary health care 

  • grow Pacific capacity in primary health care 

  • facilitate the involvement of people with disabilities in relevant aspects of primary health care decision-making 

  • work to ensure equal opportunities for access to primary health care services according to need 

  • work to improve the health status of eligible people in Otago and Southland and to reduce inequalities 

  • facilitate improved health education and immunisation programmes in Otago and Southland 

  • facilitate improved availability of health information 

  • promote the participation of people of Otago and Southland in health-related services 

  • liaise with other health care providers in Otago and Southland and elsewhere as necessary 

  • take any action the Trustees think fit to perform and enforce the terms and conditions of contracts to which WellSouth is a party or which WellSouth has approved 

  • perform and exercise such other functions as the Trustees consider consistent with, or consider will further, the purposes of WellSouth 

Personal Competencies Expected of Trustees 

To further the purposes of WellSouth, the Board should comprise Trustees who collectively possess the following personal competencies: 

  • appropriate knowledge and experience in governance roles 

  • business acumen, with experience in leadership 

  • knowledge and experience in the provision of primary health care services 

  • the ability to be forward-thinking, alert and responsive to the need for change 

  • an understanding of the legal, regulatory, fiduciary and ethical obligations of trustees 

  • an understanding of financial statements, generally accepted accounting practice and the public health sector funding requirements 

  • an understanding of any applicable policy documents 

  • the ability to make sensible, astute decisions and recommendations on complicated matters with a perspective of future opportunities and risks 

  • high ethical standards and integrity in all personal business dealings 

  • the objectivity and conviction to exercise independent judgment 

  • personal skills and traits that contribute to a culture of capability, candour, trust and professionalism