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Find After Hours Care

 What help do you need?

Call Health Link 0800 611 116 for advice from registered nurses 24/7.They can advise you on what help you will need. 

In the first instance ring your usual GP practice as they will have details on out of hours care.

If it is a medical emergency call 111.

What is a medical emergency?

  • Chest pain or Tightness  - this could also be felt in arm, jaw, neck or upper abdomen (tummy).

  • Difficulty breathing.

  • Choking.

  • Sudden weakness on one side or difficulty talking (this may be a stroke).

  • Fainting or unconsciousness (not being awake).

  • Severe pain.

  • Severe bleeding or bleeding that won’t stop

Mental Health  Support

For non-urgent support #1737 Mental Health Hotline - 24/7

For urgent support, contact the mental health emergency team through the
SDHB 0800 467 846.