Suicide Prevention

Need immediate help? 

  • If you have an urgent need for support, please contact the Mental Health Emergency Team in your region through the Southern DHB on 0800 467 846.
  • For non-urgent support please contact #1737 Mental Health Hotline which is a free service available 24/7.


Suicide prevention and postvention

The WellSouth Suicide Prevention/Postvention Team coordinates suicide prevention initiatives in the Southern region, working together with Te Whatu Ora Southern and other health and community providers across the district.


Suicide safety and advice

It can be frightening if you or someone you care about has thoughts of suicide. You may ask what you can do to keep them safe, while looking after yourself. There are a number of reasons someone might feel suicidal. People who have lost someone to suicide are at greater risk of suicide themselves. Saying to someone; "Are you thinking of killing yourself?” is not going to increase their risk of suicide. Many people who are suicidal want help, but don't know how to ask.


The Southern Suicide Prevention Action Plan

The Southern Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2024 – 2027 is a strategy document that will outline health and wellbeing priorities in the Southern region over the next three years. It is put together by WellSouth in collaboration with other key partners.

The plan will help organisations and government agencies to understand what actions they can take to prevent suicides in the community. It will also highlight available services and the work that is already being done. 

The PHO is carrying out community consultation with individuals and organisations across the Southern region in November 2023 for the 2023-2027 plan. This will include government agencies, charities, services, associations, trusts, community networks, maraes, institutions, churches, groups and clubs.

To find out more, book into a workshop, or take the survey, check out the Southern Suicide Prevention Action Plan page.



Suicide Safety has some key points for keeping safe. This page shows where you can get help. The Suicide Safety Plan is a tool to assist you. Complete your plan alongside someone you trust. The Suicide Safety Plan will be your personal guide for getting through the period of feeling suicidal.

If you are asked by someone for support to write a suicide safety plan you may want more information on the process. The document on using the suicide safety plan will provide you with guidance.

The Suicide resources and information page provides more prevention resources, plus information for people dealing with a suicide in their family or community.