Toitū Takata News

Almost every fortnight, we update general practice staff about Toitū Takata. Here are some of the important updates that are relevant as at 18 January 2024. 


18 January 2024

Toitū Takata – Upcoming webinars

Toitū Takata will be available to all practices on Wednesday 31st January.

Thank you to the practices who are trialing Toitū Takata this month, this is providing valuable feedback, and we are making final adjustments before opening the programme to all practices. 

To support the launch of Toitū Takata, we are holding a series of presentations on the clinical aspects of the programme, details are on our Workforce Development site: WellSouth | Toitū Takata – Webinars. These will be recorded and available on our website.

Drop in webinars:

We will also be holding general Q&A drop in webinars in early February, these will be an opportunity for practice staff to have their questions answered, join via the links below;

The development of Toitū Takata has been a significant piece of work, and we would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the development of this programme.

Caroline Fraser, Long Term Conditions Project Manager will be on leave from Monday 22nd January, and return to work on Monday 5th February.

If you have any questions about Toitū Takata in this period, please contact your Practice Relationship Manager or Long Term Conditions Nurse, their contact details can be found here: Practice Relationship Manager & Nurse Team – Jan 2024

Choosing who to invite onto the programme

The following input from our Clinical Advisor Māori, Dr Miriam Ketu-McKenzie (also a registered clinical psychologist) may be helpful, as you consider which patients to invite to be on the Toitū Takata programme:

'In my capacity as Clinical Advisor Māori, I thought I would write a few words to support those of you who have to choose who does and does not receive a place under the current Toitū Tākata programme. In lieu of providing an algorithm that weights individual demographic factors, such as age and ethnicity, consider that 80% of what impacts a person’s health, are non-clinical factors, including but not limited to: Housing, social status, employment and food security.

Finding out how many people are living in the same household as your patient (especially the number of children under age 18), finding out whether or not there is mildew/adequate ventilation in their home, or whether they are adequately warm at night and have access to nutritious food; finding out whether or not your patient is in work, or if loneliness is a problem for them – those are all variables considered to be social determinants of health, which are known to exacerbate poor health outcomes for those with long term conditions. Knowing the answers to those questions might assist your decision making process while also ensuring that those with the greatest needs are met with the most support.

Feel free to contact me on  with any questions or comments.


21 December 2023

Toitū Takata update – increased funding and increased places

We really appreciate your initial feedback on Toitū Takata and are getting ready for the programme to go live in late January. Some practices will start to trial the programme in early January, and we look forward to hearing how that goes.

We have heard your feedback, about the funding for participants in the programme, and the number of places allocated to smaller practices. In response to these issues, we are including the following changes to Toitū Takata:

Firstly, the funding for Toitū Takata will now include an additional payment at the end of the Toitū Takata programme. This funding is to cover the cost of an additional Nurse visit at the end of the year of care and is focused on a review of the patient’s progress and planning for the year ahead, including a decision as to whether the person stays in Toitū Takata for a further year. This will be paid as a separate payment on completion of the review, similar to the current Quick Clic (Hāpai atu) follow up.  A short portal form will be completed at this point which will trigger the additional payment. The data gathered at this visit will also help us to carry out a robust evaluation of the impact of Toitū Takata.

This brings the total funding for Toitū Takata for each patient up, depending on the demographic of the patient.

Secondly, all practices will have a minimum of 50 spaces on Toitū Takata in a financial year. This equates to a minimum of 21 spaces in the period between January 2024 and the end of the financial year in June 2024. We will be in contact with all practices affected by this change in the new year.

This will increase the total number of spaces available on Toitū Takata for patients across Southern. This means that more than 10,000 patients can access either Toitū Takata or Hāpai Atu in a 12-month period. To put that in context, in the biggest year of CLIC there was 8481 CLIC and Quick CLIC claims in total, so this is nearly a 20% increase in access overall. Next year we will be introducing a separate funding stream for advance care planning as well. So, we are increasing the funding available for long-term conditions care in the region, meaning more people can access the care they need.


Toitū Takata roll out update
Toitū Takata will be available for use in practices from January 31st, 2024. WellSouth will be offering a series of on-line webinars in January and February to support practices during the launch.

Toitū Takata Practice Nurse Workshops
We will be offering the content of the Toitū Takata Practice Nurse Workshops as a series of webinars for those who were unable to attend in person earlier in the year. These will be recorded and available on our website.

Completing the Wellbeing Assessment (Duke and Hua Oranga).

Tuesday 16 January 2024, 11.00am, via Teams: Click here to join the meeting
Presenter: Anita Clouston, Project Manager, Tōku Oranga (Access & Choice) Team, Caroline Fraser, WellSouth Long Term Conditions Project Manager. 

Care of the physical health needs for those with severe and enduring mental illness & addiction.

Thursday 18 January 2024,12.30pm, via Teams: Click here to join the meeting
Presenters: Linda McLay, Pharmacist, Mental Health Service, Wakari Hospital, Dunedin.  Mark Baldwin, Nures Practitioner, Mental Health Services Dunedin. 

Towards Toitū Takata; the development of Toitū Takata and the focus on equity.

Tuesday 30 January 2024, 12.30pm, via Teams Click here to join the meeting
Presenters: WellSouth Pou Tōkeke team.

Additional dates and topics can be added depending on demand so please keep an eye on future updates. Also, if you have any other subjects you would like us to cover please email Workforce Development:

We will also be holding Q+A drop in webinars to support the roll out of Toitū Takata. Please check our next Clinical Directors Update for the times and dates of these.


7 December 2023

Toitū Takata – In practice trial dates

We are excited to be able to start trialling Toitū Takata in a few practices early next month with it being available for all practices to use from 30 January 2024.


9 November 2023

Nurse Champion Workshops

Toitū Takata Practice Nurse Workshops continue to be held around the region providing an introduction for nurses prior to Toitū Takata becoming available in early 2024. Workshops have been held in Cromwell, Oamaru, and Dunedin. These have been well received with lots of good conversations and ideas generated about caring for those living with long term conditions.

As a practice, you will be able to invite those people you think will most benefit, to take part in the programme. Letters will be sent to practices in the next two weeks advising of the allocation of ‘spaces’ on the programme.


25 October 2023

New name for Quick CLIC – Hāpai Atu

When it comes to Quick CLIC , feedback from practices has been clear. Quick CLIC was well liked by both clinicians and patients. As part of the refresh, the intention was for Quick CLIC to remain in place for patients. As CLIC is no longer active, Quick CLIC as a name no longer makes sense. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Quick CLIC has been renamed Hāpai Atu. Hāpai Atu means to provide support and care.

Hāpai Atu will continue to provide support to those with long-term conditions who are experiencing a short-term exacerbation or acute episode, and who require a period of additional support to return to their usual level of wellness.


28 September 2023

Toitū Takata (LTC Programme)

We are continuing to develop the new LTC Programme, Toitū Takata, which will be available for patients in the new year. In anticipation of the launch of Toitū Takata, we will be offering a range of events to support delivery of the programme. This includes Toitū Takata Nurse champion workshops along with online webinars, Q&A sessions, and videos. These online sessions will be held late this year, and early next year, covering a wide range of topics.

We recognise that pronouncing te reo Māori can be challenging. To support you to pronounce Toitū Takata, please listen to this recording.

Make sure to bookmark the Toitū Takata webpage and check back often as we will be adding resources and videos over the coming weeks. You can find the webpage here.


14 September 2023

Introducing Toitū Takata, the new LTC programme

The new long term conditions programme (replacing CLIC) will be called Toitū Takata.

Toitū is a word used for sustainability, long standing and permanence. Toitū is also a small stream feeding into Otago harbour at the original landing place of Ōtepoti in Dunedin.

Takata is the Kāi Tahu version of Tangata or person.

Essentially the name Toitū Takata means to sustain the people/person and we are proud to be given this name.