New Zealand e-Prescription Service (NZePS) 

Learning Objective: To understand what NZePS is and the benefits of using it in your practice. 

What is NZePS? 

NZePS allows for the secure transfer of information between prescribers and dispensers. Non-controlled drug prescriptions can be created by the GP or Nurse Practitioner/Prescriber, securely sent to the NZePS system, and downloaded electronically at a community pharmacy. This process does not involve printing or signing any pieces of paper. 


Why implement NZePS? 

Non-controlled drug prescriptions do not need to be printed, and controlled drugs no longer need to be handwritten on the triplicate-controlled drugs form.  These benefits result in streamlined prescription processes, saving time and effortOther benefits include, no lost scripts and no chance of patient altering a script before presenting to the pharmacy. Prescribers can request a notification when a patient's medication has been dispensed, and pharmacists and prescribers can send comments to each other, meaning the patient’s adherence can be monitored and communication between prescriber and dispenser is easier. 

The patient will no longer have to collect a paper prescription from the practice, instead they can go straight to their chosen pharmacy and pick up their prescription.  


Who does what? 




Help develop new internal processes for prescribing using NZePS, especially around billing patients. 


Be aware of new internal processes for prescribing using NZePS. 

General Practitioners 

Be involved in development of new internal process using NZePS. 
Use NZePS to prescribe medications. 


Install NZePS. 

Engage staff and show benefits of NZePS for the practice and patients. 
Involved in development of new processes using NZePS. 

Develop communications plan for patients, if required. 


Support in reviewing processes which may be affected by using NZePS. 

Support to develop communication plan to patients. 


Implementation Timeline 


- Engage staff around the benefits of implementing NZePS 

- Contact Trevor.Lloyd@health.govt.nz to help install NZePS 

- Develop a communication plan to patients, if required 


- Create dummy prescriptions to ensure you are familiar with the service before going live 

- Talk to your local pharmacy and trial sending a prescription to ensure it is visible to them 

- Review your processes prior to going live with NZePS 

- Implement your communication plan to patients with a go live date 

- Load local pharmacies into the address book of NZePS 


- Go live with NZePS ensuring pharmacies and patients are aware of the new processes regarding prescriptions 



A communications plan to patients could be developed as part of the roll out of NZePS. It may not be required at every practice. The plan will detail how patients will collect prescriptions and the benefits of this for the patient. It is important to post this information across multiple channels so patients are aware. Some of these channels include: 

- Website 

- Patient Portal

- Social media 

- Telephone message 

- Posters in the waiting room 

- Email/text to all patients  


Helpful Tips 

There are currently no fees for MedTech users for the first 3 months of using NZePS. 

After the 3 months MedTech are charging fees associated with the ongoing maintenance of NZePSHowever, practices do say NZePS is worth the investment. 

The Ministry of Health have a dedicated support person for NZePSplease contact Trevor.Lloyd@health.govt.nz prior to installation.  

When making dummy prescriptions the prescriber should ensure they are comfortable creating, amending, and cancelling prescriptions. 

It is important to ensure the pharmacy email addresses are loaded correctly. If you use MedTech Evolution, a pharmacy address book can be installed (see further resources). Addresses can be confirmed in HealthPoint, but it is also be a good idea to reach out to local pharmacies and confirm you have the correct email address. 

Nurses can prepare prescriptions and park them, which can then be put onto a GP/NP template and completed during their paperwork time. 

Further Resources