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There are lots of resources from the HCH collaborative online which can help you to understand what HCH is all about, or to implement aspects of HCH better into your own practice.

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Gore Medical's HCH experience

Gore Medical was one of the first four Southern HCH practices. Hear about their experience at

Look for item #4, with their Practice Manager at the time Petria Falconer and Ali Wilden from WellSouth (and ex-Gore Medical).


Patient portals and workload

GPs are faced by increasing demand on their time, including from patient portal work. Portals are preferred by patients, and offer significant time savings when used in a considered way.

Dr Andrew Miller is the Clinical Lead for HCH nationally. In this presentation, he sets out his experience using portals, and provides tips for effectively managing workload. There is a discussion with local GPs on their experience at the end.

In summary, used with a clear purpose and plan, portals are of significant value to patients, and save time for patients, GPs, and the practice team. Without this clarity of purpose, the messaging feature of portals will result in extra work for GPs.

Dr Andrew Miller presentation on patient portals and workload


University Of Otago HCH Research

We think HCH makes a difference to practices, but we have asked the University of Otago Department of General Practice and Rural Health to undertake an independent review of HCH. See their initial findings here.



Call Management in the HCH Model

Part of the HCH Model of Care asks practices to consider how to manage their reception, prioritising kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) interaction. One option is to remove phones and other administrative tasks from the front desk. Carin Hastie talks about her, and the patients, experience of doing this at Broadway Medical Centre. Thanks Carin!


Case Study patient portals

Listen to Dr Prue Murdoch from Amity Health Centre discuss the benefits of a patient portal.

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