The National Enrolment Service (NES)

The National Enrolment Service (NES) has been developed to provide up to date national enrolment and identity data.

The NES provides:

  • a patient register used by all general practices

  • a centralised register with real-time patient enrolment status to establish more timely payment calculations for enrolled patients

  • an up to date data set to ensure accuracy of Capitation Based Funding (CBF) calculations

  • validated NHI and up-to-date patient demographics, supporting accurate identification of patients and clinical safety

  • validated addresses using eSAM service, supporting accurate assignment of deprivation-based funding

  • processing and payment cycle reduced from 3 months to 1 month

  • health identity and enrolment web services integration with PMS, creating a seamless experience for the user when interacting with national services.


Data Correction in NES/PMS

Data match between your PMS and NES is crucial to provide exact funding for your patients. By keeping this data correct in both places you will also provide your patients with access to funded programs such as CVD that they may miss out on if their address isn’t geocoded correctly. It also allows practices to update any information that has been inadvertently changed by Secondary Care departments.

The following documents show you how to correct the data in your PMS to align with NES for the following areas:
Gender Unknown, Ethnicity Unknown, Geocode Missing.


General queries:

Enrolment queries: