Professional Development & Recognition Programme

Te Kāhui Kōkiri Mātanga Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP)

Te Kāhui Kōkiri Mātanga Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP) is a competency-based framework for nurses, which has been developed co-operatively between the Health NZ Te Whatu Ora, Canterbury,  West Coast and NZNO Representatives to achieve the following purposes:  

- To advance professional development in nursing;   

- To support nurses in demonstrating competency to the Nursing Council of New Zealand; and   

- To fulfil obligations negotiated under the NZNO Nurses SECA (Single Employer Collective Agreement).

This programme aims to promote and reward nursing expertise and recognise the contribution of nurses to quality patient and whanau health outcomes.

Please find downloadable documentation at the bottom of this page to help you complete your portfolio.


Our Wellsouth Nurse Educator and PDRP assessor Andie Lowry can answer any PDRP questions and link you in with the PDRP nurse coordinators in southern, as well as the PDRP courses offered in Dunedin and Invercargill throughout the year.


Benefits of Participating in PDRP

  • Influences person and whanau-centred care

  • Supports evidence-based practice that leads to improved health outcomes for people

    Encourages reflective practice and critical thinking in practice 

  • Supports nursing practice development that leads to improvements in nursing outcomes

  • Identifies nurses as role models and enablers for others practice

  • Provides a framework for on-going education and learning

  • Ensures nursing levels of expertise is visible, valued and understood

  • Enables a differentiation between levels of nursing practice within the clinical environments

  • Assists in retaining nurses in practice

  • Meets the requirement for competence-based practising certificates

    Exempts nurses from Nursing Council of New Zealand recertification audit

    Nurses covered by a NZNO Nurses MECA may receive financial renumeration at Proficient, Accomplished/Expert Levels

  • Enables Designated Senior Nurses participation within the programme

Te Kāhui Kōkiri Mātanga PDRP Policy is available here PDRP Policy Te Kahui Kokiri Matanga PDRP July 2022 Te Reo 10 Oct 2022 (1).pdf

Application Process

The PDRP portfolio process recognises your professional nursing and development and its contribution to your nursing practice outcomes.  

Before commencing your Portfolio:

1. See the PDRP Level indicators document below to decide the level you wish to apply. Competent. Proficient. Expert. Designed Senior Nurse.

2. Discuss your application with your Nurse Lead/Manager (as your application will need to be supported at the level you apply).


There are two ways to complete and submit your PDRP.  Electronically using Mahara eportfolio or via Hardcopy