National Measles Campaign


We continue to encourage the community across Otago and Southland to make sure they are protected/immunised against measles. 

Measles is a serious and highly contagious illness, which can affect adults and children. Information has been updated. Here is what you need to know:

  • Anyone who has not been vaccinated against measles, or who is unsure if they had measles previously (including people born before 1969) is recommended to be immunised with the MMR vaccine. 

  • Previously those born before 1969 were precluded. 

  • The MMR vaccine is free for everyone in New Zealand aged 18 and under. It doesn't matter what their immigration status is. 

  • For those aged over 18, the MMR vaccine is free if they're eligible for healthcare in New Zealand. 

  • If people are unsure if they've had two doses of MMR vaccine or had measles previously, it's recommended that they get vaccinated. 


Visit your Thalamus Dashboard and click on 'Measles Vaccinations Report' This report will give you an indication of the number of patients in your Practice who:

  • Have No MMR Vaccinations Recorded on your PMS

  • Look under Patient Lists for the names and details of those patients (A help sheet will be developed to assist you)

  • Tab 2 has the number of MMR vaccines given by your Practice over the last week


*Currently not available for Profile for Mac PMS