Current Standing Orders

This is the list of current standing orders that can be downloaded by WellSouth practices. Please follow the Practice Implementation advice for use of these standing orders.

If you have any suggested corrections for standing orders or think there are orders that your practice can use, please email our professional Nurse Advisor.

This list was current as of 31 August 2019 

Acute Adult Asthma October 2015

Administration of vaccines by student nurses September 2015

ADT booster V2 February 2016

Anaphylaxis V2 February 2016

Bacterial Conjunctivitis V2 February 2016

Bacteria Rhinosinusitus V2 Febuary 2016

Bacterial Vaginosis September 2019

Jadelle September 2019

Chest Pain December 2015

Chlamydia V3 August 2019

Constipation V2 February 2016

Diarrhoea October 2015

Eczema October 2015

Jadelle September 2019

Emergency Contraception V3 February 2016

Genital Herpes V1 December 2015

Gonorrhoea September 2019

GORD V2 October 2015

Haemorrhoids October 2015

Hayfever V2 October 2015

Headlice V2 October 2015

Herpes Zoster V2 December 2015

Hives V2 October 2015

Impetigo V2 October 2015

Infectious exacerbation of COPD December 2015

Migraine V2 December 2015

Tdap Vaccine February 2020

Nausea and Vomiting December 2015

Oral Contraception V2 September 2015

Oral Thrush September 2015

Otitis Media V2 December 2015

Tonsilitis V2 October 2015

Pain relief (mild to moderate) December 2015

Pain Relief (Severe) December 2015

Pertussis V2 October 2015

Non Funded Pneumococcal Vaccine August 2020

Pyleonephritis V2 October 2015

Scabies V2 October 2015

Bisphosphonate V3

Toothache and Dental Infections January 2016

Trichomoniasis September 2019

UTI in women (uncomplicated) V4 2022

Vaginal Thrush September 2019

Depo Provera September 2019